This image was found in the Art Gallery of South Australia and is attributed to Frazer S. Crawford a lithographer born in Scotland 1829 and died in Adelaide 1890. The figures seem to be a collaboration between Crawford and a Ngarrindjeri woman, Yertabrida Soloman although the curator’s notes are not clear. The style is naive with some use of perspective in the top drawing. They depict multiple stages of a cultural event.

These are drawings I would not have looked at before my recent interest in drawing.


Just back from 5 days in Adelaide.

Not much drawing in my travels. I did find this


lovely drawing in the Art Gallery of South Australia. Its charcoal on paper by Hilda Rix Nicholas. She was a young Australian artist in France when the First World War began. This is a study for a larger oil painting. This drawing feels very fresh and raw to me. I like it. It moves me. The ground seems so uneven, its disturbing.