Saw this drawing on Friday night. Ink on drafting paper. It is very appealing.IMG_0601

Up close. Lots of movement.



This course has made me appreciate installations like this a lot more. Art crush here.


The Great Indoors, 2008
This piece was made for Robson’s exhibit at the Rice Gallery in Houston, Texas. It is comprised of approximately 15,000 PET bottles cleaned up from the streets of New York. They are airbrushed with tinted polycrylic and riveted together with aluminum rivets. The installation also includes individual sculptures that light up at night via solar powered LEDs, A video with Robson speaking about the piece can be seen on the talks page of this site (click here to view).
The room is 16′ tall x 40 wide’ x 40’wide, which are the approximate dimensions of the piece.”



Looking at http://www.junk-culture.com/2014/04/three-dimensional-wire-drawings-by.html

Three Dimensional Wire Drawings by Louise Dawn Wilson – See more at: http://www.junk-culture.com/2014/04/three-dimensional-wire-drawings-by.html#sthash.gT1UhXQk.dpuf



From Instagram on the 27 March 2016. Edgar Degas. A monotype print. it captures movement so well at a time when photography was just beginning c.1877-1880.  It evokes for me the blur of an early photo.


I like the shadow art of Noble and Webster.





1 wooden stepladder, discarded wood, light projector

78.5 x 403.5 x 224 cm (31 x 1587/8 x 883/16 in)




Blindfold painting series 2013-2014

Painted while blindfolded! Hoping no knives involved.

People form The Atlas Society look away now! ( see Words 21.03.2016) This is exciting! This is a nice drawing to look at. The mimesis is minimal. It means someone like me who has little mimetic talent can create something attractive and more interesting than a bad reproduction of reality.  Shallow I know. Forgive me Ayn Rand.

Painted with feet!


The Nosey, 2014Painted with feet

Indian ink on paper

Diptych, each: 140 x 100 cm (551/8 x 393/8 in)

Seriously I dont know what to think of this in light of the cards my mother in law buys from http://www.mfpa.com.au/

Different outlook completely.



Adelaide Biennial 2016

Tom Moore

“Made initially as a drawing, and then blown and hot worked in glass…Plant-birds, tree-cars, flaming-pickles and potato-fish confuse the animal, mineral and vegetable. They charm us but also reveal a world at risk.”


Is this a drawing?

No. I don’t think so.


Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art 2016

The Gamekeeper’s Gibbet by British artists Sue Noble and Tim Webster. Naturally mummified animals are cast in sterling silver and gold plated. These are bound together to form a shape that is transformed into a portrait of the artists when light and shadow are used.

Amazing. Is this a drawing?


After today’s lesson, I think it could be.