Having it in for organs.

Dynamic writing. True that humans need a body to be, think, act.

Powerful true words regarding de(signi)fiancé being a default pervert category where refusal to announce gender, sexuality or race is seen by society as “an act of protest”. I have a transgender friend who I have known for 30 years. Society finds her very threatening. Her life is difficult.

Reading this makes me want to go back in time and re see all that I have seen to revaluate it.

I don’t agree that all zombies  are without those markers of race gender and class. Surely they are more threatening if they are “people like us”. Im not a zombie expert by any means.

MacCormack, Patricia. Cinesexuality. Queer Interventions. Aldershot, England ; Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2008. Pages 102-105.