Have been reading about Saul Steinberg, a few weeks ago now.

Sending work to the Life magazine, Harpers Bazaar and the New Yorker whilst he was in Milan prior to 1939 and Santo Domingo in 1941 saved his life. Lucky.

This image is very powerful. The woman is removing her mask to communicate with her companion. I wonder if he is listening?


Well there goes that theory re the artist representing him or herself on the work! I contacted Roman Longginou via Tumblr . He says “ask me anything”. So I did.
Last Tuesday at 3:34 PM

I admire your painting Blue Laceration. Does the blue represent you, the artist?
Last Tuesday at 4:50 PM

Hi Jacinta, Thank you so much. Maybe to a degree it might I guess? Who knows? Ha.
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Last weeks collaborative drawing.

What fun! Used my left hand a lot here whilst strapped to Sue’s right hand.


Strips of drawings which were then joined, a la Exquisite Corpse.

IMG_0724IMG_0720 IMG_0721 IMG_0722



Then the big finale.

It was very enjoyable.

IMG_0725 IMG_0726 IMG_0727 IMG_0731 IMG_0732 IMG_0733



Have moved on from that, to explore the movement of my left hand. When drawing with Sue in class, I used my left hand to draw. It was strapped to her right hand. Then we swapped.

It was exhausting using my left hand. So I thought I would use the oil stick method and stay with Venus. I drew an outline of Venus and traced her onto a piece of paper first with my right hand and then with my left. After an hour or so I had 6 drawings, 3 right and three left and a relief of the last round.

Quite pleased with these.

First the outline.


Right hand 1


Left hand 1


Right hand 2


Left hand 2


Right hand 3


Left hand 3


I think I prefer the left handed drawings. !! Surprise.

Then the relief. This was disappointing. I need to have an improved technique.




Working on a large 2m x 2m piece of craft paper to which I applied gesso.

Its Vitruvian Woman with Venus superimposed.




Not liking it. Get me a new ceiling!