More images of my experimentation.


Very fine lines a la Claude Heath. Too fine.


Various washing poses using a feather and ink and semi blind contour technique.


Each drawing is a blind contour whilst watching a video if me hanging out the washing. Three videos 1 minute each were used.

Here is the  30 seconds of one video.





In class 22 March 2016 we were using unusual materials. I chose an xray and used white acrylic artist’s ink. The subject matter was photograph from the early 1900’s of an artists studio. The life model stood in front of a projection of this image.

I also tried to use bubble wrap with oil crayon and the white artists ink. It looked like a pixilated  painting, think Roy Lichtenstein or even Surat. I pressed the drawing onto some butchers paper.

Here is a close up.IMG_0485