Its my day off and I’m working on my art subject. Memesis.

I like Claude Heath.

He says…

“When you follow the movements of a football across a flat TV screen you sometimes have the sensation that the ball is going in a certain direction when it turns out to have a different arc altogether and ends up at the feet of a different player than you had first thought. Its true movements are hidden by the flatness of the screen until it arrives at some particular part of the pitch. This same kind of sensation sometimes happens while drawing, when you attempt to compress the sight and touch of a solid object onto various parts of a flat surface”.  – Claude Heath (Centre for Drawing, October 2001)


I drew my chickens using his methods for Introduction to Drawing. It was very liberating. The marks were  different depending what time of the day I drew them. When they were active my drawings were more abstract. When they were quieter, the drawings were pleasingly lifelike in a plump chickeny way. The memesis was fine. I knew they were chickens. I’m worried about how my drawings look. Abstraction is very attractive. Sometimes though it can be unappealing. It seems a lottery as to which type of drawing one ends up with.

Words are like that too. I like the name Jim very much but don’t like Tim at all. They are both plosive beginnings but Jim seems a strong name and Tim seems to me weak and unmanly. Liver is a beautiful word to say but is difficult to like due to its meaning. River is nearly as nice but not quite.

I will try and take a video of myself hanging out the washing and then draw it, Claude Heath style.

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