Images of the drawing made in class 15.03.2016

CDCCA8D5-F4EB-4F23-A2C2-2095374CA89A 9C26C17B-FD18-4CD8-B77F-45A397E798F7

This is the finished product. Interesting method. I would have to do many of these drawings to come up with something that I like.

I need to experiment with my drawing technique. It is very disappointing.

DE480245-F0B6-4498-B512-98744E81C94C E2E55516-E0D5-49CC-A03C-4FC8BBE17574

Addition of the model, Sarah.

B0B0A05B-32B2-45AB-8F45-59C6E7FEB751 4D7A0285-E9CB-4615-82B1-91E900144076

Drawing Bill with shadows.

69C6AF44-8528-45D0-94CC-34C7E189CFCD EE1F3F75-3D1A-48F5-93FA-36D2E1B3DAAE

Drawing Bill. My slide.

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