Drawings completed in class. 3 warm up blind drawings using a mat of ink pen and a bamboo pen as the marker. The model used a baseball bat and a walking stick as props.

This exercise was reminiscent of crayon drawings done by me using a similar technique in primary school. Fun times.

IMG_0343 IMG_0342


The next drawing used the ink mat on top of the paper. The technique was less blind. It was quite challenging. I feel that the emotions evoked by the marks on my page are very random and a result of my lack of experience and ability to create an accurate facsimile of the image before my eyes, rather than a deliberate plan. This is both exciting and anxiety provoking.



The last drawing was difficult and enjoyable.

Both hands were used to draw an image of the model in charcoal. The paper was in landscape mode whilst the model  stood in a portrait pose.

Water was applied by paintbrush to soften the drawing.

Deliberate distortion, a salve for the untalented?



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