Using quickposes.com 60second, interval upside down mode.  http://www.deannapetherbridge.com/

“Petherbridge also thinks, like Hockney, that the new technologies have a lot to learn from the low-tech art of drawing, but takes little comfort in the fact that students of Design, rather than of Fine Art, pack her classes. But can our hottest young artists draw, and if they can’t, does it matter? Drawing is a core activity, feels Petherbridge: it is visual thinking, idea made concrete with the most primitive tools. A great deal of contemporary painting aspires, she believes, to the condition of drawing – to its spontaneity and immediacy.”

a quote from a 1995 article in the Independent  http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/art/faces-to-watch-in-the-art-world-10-deanna-petherbridge-1524154.html





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